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Adam Brummond


It's more than just a function

on the camera.

Adam Brummond Director

Directing is an art, forged by creating relationships with talent and upholding a heartfelt commitment to the story.  Adam’s greatest story perhaps, is his own. Born and raised in Minnesota, Adam grew up riding and racing snowmobiles on the family farm.  He later served as professional riding talent on national television commercials and print campaigns (he’s kind of a big deal).  The mark of potential however, is the desire to see something and strive to make it better – that’s why the past few years Adam has now been directing the same commercials in which he used to star.  Framing a shot, understanding the product and how it moves, how it feels to experience it – the best behind-the-camera guys in the industry started in front of it.  Now based out of Los Angeles, Adam’s work now encompasses several new industries and mediums – whatever the product, whatever the project, his vision is what sets him apart.